home_curl_photoThe Ending Community Homelessness Coalition (ECHO) is a collaborative funding and planning nonprofit that is fiercely committed to ending homelessness in Austin, TX. As the lead agency for the Austin/Travis County continuum of care, our organization is charged with bringing together other nonprofit resources and making them accessible to the homeless population. We support agencies that bring together opinion leaders, volunteers, other nonprofits and service agencies to make meaningful, lasting changes in our community.

ECHO utilizes a system of outreach to assess and determine the needs of men, women, children, veterans and families who are homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless. Working with a group of nonprofits, we connect homeless individuals to resources including prevention strategies, emergency shelters, rapid re-housing and permanent housing.

ECHO has supported over 10,000 homeless individuals in Austin this year alone. In addition, we collect, consolidate and distribute the most up-to-date data about the state of homelessness in Austin. Data collection is not only important to us, but also immensely important to the community in reaching our goal of eradicating homelessness. Collaboration is important because our collective voice is stronger than individual voices. We value, support, and promote the work of our members in order to end homelessness in Austin.


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We are pleased to finally be able to post an updated flyer that describes the Coordinated Assessment process in detail, both what the current process is, as well as what expectations and actions should be once the initial intake portion of Coordinated Assessment is complete.  Please take a quick moment to review the document itself, as it should answer most questions about the process as a whole. Click here to learn more!